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Have you tried tow launching?

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

For those who get frustrated with the lack of breeze or just in the wrong direction,  lack of thermic activity, then here’s a way you can get paragliding anyway.

Track down an instructor who has a winch. Get down to an airstrip and get towed up and get some airtime in the off season.

There are a few things to learn, such as how to rig the tow bridle, how to tie the breakable link and arrange a suitable detach method. The only other inportant aspect is to keep straight on tow. Any launch-path deviation to the left or right will result in link breakage. Be sure to control the surge of the paraglider wing if the link breaks.

The winch driver needs to keep a close eye on the angle of attack of the paraglider wing.  To shallow and you wont get enough height, and too steep and you risk a stall.

All that stuff will be covered in your paragliding towing course.

Have fun.