Here is a list of the major players in the business of manufacturing paragliding equipment. The choice of glider will generally be determined by local support for the product. Most instructors deal with a small number of brand and can consequently offer service and support for them.

 advance paragliders  aerodyne paragliders
 airwave paragliders  apco aviation
 axis paragliding  Bio air wings
 Dudek  Firebird aero
 Gradient  Icarro
 Macpara  Niviuk
 Nova  Ozone paragliding
 Paratech  Pro design
 Skywalk  Sol gliders
 Swing  Trekking
 UP  U turn
 windtech  Wings of change

This is not an exhasutive list. As with many industries, companies come and go. The names above have been around for a while, and are common names in the paragliding community.

If you think I have forgotten an important player, feel free to post a comment on my blog.

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