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The Stimulating Adventure Of Indoor Skydiving Las Vegas

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Since the early 80’s indoor skydiving and flyaway indoor skydiving has become more and more liked.   There have been more wind tunnels constructed around the country in major cities, especially those cities that are known for their entertainment qualities.   Indoor skydiving Las Vegas is a popular extreme experience that is sought not just by every day vacationers, but also by celebrities who want to get away from it all.   Indoor skydiving is a much safer way to experience the flight of freefall, and is also much more cost effective.


Basic safety and flying techniques will need to learned before you embark on your first indoor skydiving adventure. If you have an interest in taking indoor skydiving lessons you shouldnt have to make a reservation for a class since most skydiving tunnels in Las Vegas offer these classes on a repeating basis.   After the class, instructors will take the individuals into the tunnel to help them take flight for the first time.   Once they give them the basic techniques of flying, individuals can take to the air and practice.

If jumping out of an airplane catches your interest then you might consider indoor skydiving as a starting point.   Since the air in the wind tunnels is usually moving at about one hundred twenty miles per hour, the individual can practice free falling techniques so that they will be better prepared for skydiving from the plane. Many experts use indoor skydiving as a means to practice and gain more air time thereby reducing the cost you would norally have in renting an airplane.

You need to weigh at least 40lbs if you want to try indoor skydiving in Las Vegas. For saftey reasons children will need to be accommpanied by their parents in order to participate. If there rules and safety procedures are complied with then any ages can participate in indoor skydiving since there is such a low rate of injury. Las Vegas tunnels have certain restrictions for air flight. To qualify for indoor skydiving an individual must meet certain weight to height ratios. If you are a man you cannot weigh more than 180lbs if your are under 5′ 6″. For a women the weight limitation is 160lbs and the height is 5′ 6″.