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  • Paragliding Acro is the extreme end of a sport which almost anyone can enjoy. If you love high G-forces, mind bending spins and even looping a soft wing, this is the sport for you.

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  • We examine how to choose the best paragliding course for you. Remember, your life in in their hands. Paragliding courses are not all created equal, so how do you find the best.

  • Lauching a paraglider is the most difficult and potentially dangerous part of the sport.

  • Learning to paraglide: what you will learn when completing your paragliding course. What to look for in a school.

  • Resources for Sport Aviation

  • Paraglider Thermaling, some pointers on how to find thermal activity.

  • What it is to paraglide. Where the sport evolved from and where to go if you want to learn to paraglide.

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  • Paragliding is becoming increasingly popular as arguably the most affordable and most portable form of flight. Paraglider technology is pushing paragliders to the limits of endurance and speed.

  • All you need to know about paragliding gear. What equipment do you need for the sport of Paragliding and where to get it. Some might surprise you.

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  • Massive performance increases have occured throughout paragliding history and continue today. Paragliders were developed in tandem in various places around the world. The technology culminated and was commercially available in the mid to late 1980's.

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  • Powered paragliding is without a doubt the most portable form of powered flight. Take off and land where you like and go where you want. The powered paraglider is IT.

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  • Thermaling a Paraglider could be the most exilerating feeling in free flight. Being hoisted skywards by an invisible elevator. You will NEVER forget your first thermal flight.

  • So you've heard about paragliding, so what is a paraglider and how does it work.

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