Hello Parapilots!

Welcome to Hot air. Its a spot to share paragliding stories and experiences.

Some simple rules. Be nice, we are all part of the same family. Add as many comments or stories as you like.

Till next time, fly high.

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  1. Marc says:

    Another great day out Paragliding. Light fluffy developing Cu’s floating around, a light breeze blowing up the face, its time to launch. Damn, mucked up the inflation, so down again and set up once more. Its the first time Ive flown Beechmont, and the my heart is pumping hard. The boys said there were some powerful small thermals out there.
    Second inflation works well, I turn , run and in an instant the ground drops away. Turn right towards the spur off which thermals often “pop”(I’m told)
    The first one hits my wing like a small train. The paraglider rocks back and to one side. Stop the surge and try to stay in it. I ride it up to about 700 metres, then lose it. I’m still learning so after hunting around a bit, I find it again. A few more goes and Ive lost a bit of altitude. Time to head towards the bombout. I found a few more “bullets along the way, but nothing to get back in the game. In for a perfect landing. No cow mines in this field…fantastic.
    Another perfect day in Paragliding heaven.

  2. Marc says:

    I Just love the holidays. Down to the beach today to do some dune scooting. That’s paragliding the dunes. Needs about 12 to 15 knots of breeze straight at some big sand dunes. Where I go there’s a gully to inflate the paraglider then walk across the dune to the main face. A little push and I’m off. We don’t break any altitude records here, but its a fun day out. Just hovering with the sea hawks. Its possible to travel a few miles up the beach on a good day, but today the wind dropped off. It was a good 30 minute flight.

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