Icarro Cyber 2 paraglider wing

This is not a very common brand of wing(icarro are more famous for their hang gliders), but Ive had some good experiences with it.  It is squarely a beginners paraglider of 2005 vintage. It handles very well on the ground. A real ground handling gem. It likes a stronger breeze making the wing easy to hold overhead. It has a very slight tendency to overshoot on inflation in a stiff breeze, but thats easily controlled with a tug on the C’s or D’s. Check  the overshoot with a touch of brakes if you stumble or touch and go your takeoffs.

It the air, its a slightly active wing. Not a sportscar, but not a bus either. Great for practicing active flying techniques. It is very resistant to any form of collapse. So far Ive only ever had a 20% assymetric which popped out again almost instantaneously. The glider tracked perfectly straight as it happened. Glide ratio is typical for  DHV 1. Ive had some great thermaling experiences. Lands beautifully(very responsive to flare input), and even manages light downwinds with a firm hand on flare.

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